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    Coaching Philosophy

    We strive to educate our clients on optimal ways to reach their goals as well as improve overall daily living. We value making this process fun and help you create a long term healthier lifestyle. From general healthy living to sports specific training, we do it all. Fitness is for everyone. Get excited to practice, perform, and excel. Let’s work!

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    Age: 47

    "Every trainer knows how to get someone stronger. What differentiates you from them is your ability to modify exercises so that it meets a person on their ability level and you use language that connects the visual and the mental aspects of each movement."

    Age: 31

    "I received so many compliments on how my arms and back looked in my wedding dress. It truly made my day even more special. Thank you so much."

    Age: 24

    “You are always coming up with new things and keeping it interesting.”

    Age: 49

    “I like that we went slow but still pushed my limits. I had a lot of fun, thank you.”

    Age: 55

    “I feel like my knee may really heal. I've been to multiple doctors who told me no way the nerve damage could ever heal but it is. Thank you. You should be so proud. You are changing lives.”

    Age: 52

    “My running feels much stronger and more explosive.”

    Age: 26

    "I feel a lot more comfortable doing this on my own now.”

    Age: 52

    “My mobility and flexibility is getting much better, back pain is going away!”

    Age: 46

    “I feel loose and motivated for the day now! Thank you!”

    Age 16

    “I can't wait to get my license so I can come more days.”

    Age: 22

    “I'm loving the workouts, I also really appreciate all the tips and advice with nutrition. Thank you.”

    Age: 20

    “Going great, I'm having hella fun with the workouts and I’m getting stronger. I'm about to finish week 4.”