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Fitness: The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.

We are all required to MOVE. Whether it’s having a physical job, doing chores around the house, or reacting to a dangerous situation, our bodies are made to move. Fitness is about optimizing your abilities and creating a strong foundation to then build upon. It’s you vs you. Become the best version of yourself.

You choose your own fitness; It isn't any specific workout routine or diet plan. It’s being prepared for your life and whatever it throws your way. Fitness should not be a chore, it is a lifestyle that doesn’t need to be the same as anybody else's. In addition to the physical benefits, fitness is the key to positive mental health. A clear mind gives you the potential to grow and conquer. Fitness is the pathway to positivity. We make our own happiness; we choose our own fitness. Fitness is for everyone.

The goal of New Generation Wellness is to help you move efficiently, confidently and pain free. Master your own body and never compare. The beginning is always today.

Tyler Bellanova

“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.”

Growing up I faced many challenges that I was able to overcome through fitness. Being full of energy throughout my youth, I experienced many issues with focus during school. Fitness was the answer, my first outlet being sports. The amount of energy and focus required was exhausting and I found that this physical exertion quieted my mind. Because of this, I was able to excel in many areas of my life and school became less confusing. If I went too long without exercise or practice, I could feel tension build and begin to cloud my head.

As I moved through college, I became very aware of how nutrition affected my mind and body as well. I also realized sports weren’t going to be there forever but they did open a new door, the gym. This new outlet of wellbeing and my curiosity towards both nutrition and exercise finally gave me my purpose. Working as a personal trainer I furthered my knowledge of the human body and how it worked. Job after job, lesson after lesson, I developed a background in many areas including nutrition, supplementation, physical therapy, yoga, exercise routines and overall bodily functions. I pride myself for trying to be as well rounded as possible.

My passion for health and wellbeing is why I created New Generation Wellness. My hope is to not only give value to those watching, listening and training; but to inspire people to push their limits and become the best version of themselves. Fitness is a lifestyle that benefits everyone individually, while in return creating a better world to live in and grow. Master your own body and never compare. The beginning is always today. Lets Work!


Age: 24

“You are always coming up with new things and keeping it interesting.”

Age: 49

“I like that we went slow but still pushed my limits. I had a lot of fun, thank you.”

Age: 55

“I feel like my knee may really heal. I've been to multiple doctors who told me no way the nerve damage could ever heal but it is. Thank you. You should be so proud. You are changing lives.”

Age: 52

“My running feels much stronger and more explosive.”

Age: 26

"I feel a lot more comfortable doing this on my own now.”

Age: 52

“My mobility and flexibility is getting much better, back pain is going away!”

Age: 46

“I feel loose and motivated for the day now! Thank you!”

Age 16

“I can't wait to get my license so I can come more days.”

Age: 22

“I'm loving the workouts, I also really appreciate all the tips and advice with nutrition. Thank you.”

Age: 20

“Going great, I'm having hella fun with the workouts and I’m getting stronger. I'm about to finish week 4.”