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Today is yet another opportunity to focus on the things that make you feel good, strong, inspired, and happy.

Nova Wellness stands for new beginnings, new mindsets, and embracing change. We are constantly growing as individuals and must accept the changes in our lives with less judgment and more excitement. The mission of Nova Wellness and Nova Yoga is to help people cultivate fulfillment and satisfaction within their life. This is not something anyone can provide for you. We must learn to embrace our existence, unique qualities, values, and interests ourselves. There are many paths in generating this sense of happiness. Our health is the key to a strong foundation in which we build this path upon. Preparation breeds enjoyment. Our goal as a company is simply to provide a safe space where you can find this well-being on your own and practice building its power. We assist in doing so by teaching movement, body awareness, body alignment, optimal breathing, life awareness, connection to the earth, nourishment, connection to self, mindset strategies, and longevity. Our focus is to help you find and expand on your personal version of fitness and build passion around this continuous practice.

You choose your own fitness; It isn't any specific workout routine or diet plan. It’s being prepared for your life. To be able to move pain free, and conquer any goals you deem valuable. To be able to perform at your best, live longer and simply enjoy the fruits of existence in this world under all circumstances. Fitness is a part of you, just as all other parts of life are in a constant flow of ups and downs; not everyday should feel perfect or easy, but creating the right mindset around your health can help to keep the highs lasting gradually and prevent plummeting lows. Human existence requires movement, interaction, adversity, struggle, strength, growth and response to situations. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. We exist to feel, breath, play, learn, fall down, get up, and create things we deem meaningful through action. The word ‘fitness’ means to be suitable to fulfill a particular role or task. What role in life do you wish to fill? What tasks do you wish to be able to perform? Finding your form of fitness first starts with these questions. This helps us determine personal values and cultivate the understanding that movement is medicine. Our bodies are complex machines and must be treated as such. Moving is our way of interacting with the world, processing stored energy, lubricating our joints, balancing hormones, and easing the never ending cycles of the mind. Having good health or being ‘fit’ is simply practicing movement regularly for self satisfaction and life long strength.

Tyler Bellanova

How do you want your existence to impact the world?

I created this brand because of my adversity. I believe the hardest times in our life have the biggest influence on who we are and what we decide to do. Who we are can be split into two sides; positive and negative. The positive is our blessings, support, connections, and experience of love in the world. The negative is our trauma, anxiety, depression, and inevitable struggles through life. What I’ve learned from this life is that you cannot have one without the other. You cannot have good without bad, up without down, or happiness without sadness. This is the yin and yang of life. This is life. The key to building your life in alignment with this universal pattern of energy is to choose your struggles. Do hard things on purpose or life will give you hard things by default. This is the concept of chosen suffering vs unchosen suffering.

Throughout my life I always wanted to overcome these negative feelings and I had a burning curiosity as to why they were happening to me. Starting with nutrition, I intuitively knew that what you put into your body is what you'll get out of it. Adding on to that, what you consume is who you are.. 2nd I found sports. I noticed that the overwhelming sense of presence in aggressive situations paired with high energy exertion gave me an exceptional mental release. Doing this regularly I cultivated a much calmer mind which led to immense positive benefits in my life. This is a great example of chosen suffering vs unchosen suffering. It's not always easy or comfortable to push yourself physically, regularly, but with this choice you relieve unchosen negative emotions. You also decrease the risk of unchosen health problems / diseases when you choose to keep your heart strong and active. Not only do you improve your lifespan but you also cultivate a stronger sense of fulfillment improving your healthspan.

Lifespan - How LONG you live.

Healthspan - How WELL you live.

For me, I knew sports weren't going to be there my whole life so I redirected my focus to longevity training. I studied nutrition, physical therapy, strength building, bodily awareness, neuroscience, practical psychology and holistic health. Throughout these phases of my life I found yoga which truly brought everything together into a clearer picture. The balance and connection of our mind, body, breath, and spirit. There are infinite ways to build your life to a frequency that attracts everything you desire. Take action, one movement at a time. One step at a time. Make your move!


Age: 47

Every trainer knows how to get someone stronger. What differentiates you from them is your ability to modify exercises so that it meets a person on their ability level and you use language that connects the visual and the mental aspects of each movement.

Age: 31

I received so many compliments on how my arms and back looked in my wedding dress. It truly made my day even more special. Thank you so much.

Age: 24

“You are always coming up with new things and keeping it interesting.”

Age: 49

“I like that we went slow but still pushed my limits. I had a lot of fun, thank you.”

Age: 55

“I feel like my knee may really heal. I've been to multiple doctors who told me no way the nerve damage could ever heal but it is. Thank you. You should be so proud. You are changing lives.”

Age: 52

“My running feels much stronger and more explosive.”

Age: 26

"I feel a lot more comfortable doing this on my own now.”

Age: 52

“My mobility and flexibility is getting much better, back pain is going away!”

Age: 46

“I feel loose and motivated for the day now! Thank you!”

Age 16

“I can't wait to get my license so I can come more days.”

Age: 22

“I'm loving the workouts, I also really appreciate all the tips and advice with nutrition. Thank you.”

Age: 20

“Going great, I'm having hella fun with the workouts and I’m getting stronger. I'm about to finish week 4.”